In 2nd Kings chapter 4 a woman and her husband build a room on their house for a man of God. Because of their help for him, he blessed them with a child which she desired of the Lord. There’s something about blessing others that moves God, so God granted them their child. After a while the child went to his Dad about his head hurting. He sent him back to his mom and he died in her lap. She went to the man of God. When he asked her how all was, she said all is well while her child was lying dead at home. She made a bold proclamation of ALL IS WELL. She knew now that she had a place of faith, a point of contact. She would not let the man of God go till he went with her. He went back with her and the child was raised from the dead. It all happened because she would not let go of her faith. She had a place of faith. The woman with the issue of blood would not let the crowd stop her from getting to JESUS. She pressed through. By not giving up and having a place of faith, she got her miracle. When we need a move of God in our life, press, hold on, cry out, fast, pray, seek. Grab with all you got a place of faith. SOMETHING ABOUT FAITH MOVES GOD. If God can’t do it, it can’t get done. It’s nice to know that there is nothing God can’t do. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM. THAT MAKES ME WANNA SHOUT knowing that God is on my side and no matter what comes my way. all things, YES ALL THINGS, YES YOUR THINGS, ARE WORKING OUT FOR YOU. SOMEBODY SHOUT AMEN!! AMEN............ Pastor Ricky Taylor