God allows our life to flow in all different ways. Some are good and some days bad things happen. When you look at life and know God is in control and the thing coming at you, whether good or bad, was allowed by God; then you can have confidence that everything is gonna be alright. God don’t want to kill me. He wants to take me and make me what He wants me to be! He fashions me in His mold. Sometimes I need heat and fire to get me soft so I can see His will. Other times a mountain top experience will show me the way. Sometimes a dry and barren valley will make me pray and drive me into His will. When God allowed Daniel to to be thrown to the lions, he shut the lions mouth. He allowed Daniel to be thrown in the lion’s den, but not be devoured. When Daniel was thrown into the den, he was one of few praying to the true God; but after he proved true going threw the trial of the lion’s den, the king made everyone pray to Daniel’s God! That was a set-up for a move of God. It was a turnaround. Daniel proved true with his faith and God proved true with His power. NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR MY GOD!