In these times many people have no commitment. No matter what they say or promise, they can change their mind at a whim. People promise to love, honor and obey spouses, but that means nothing after a few month to some folks. They lose their focus and what they once knew they loved and do others things being distracted from that thing they know in their heart they really need. That’s what the devil does. All he is good for is bringing defeat in your life. He will talk you into staying sick and claiming that thing. He will say it is alright to stay out of church; alot of folks do it and still serve God. He will say it’s ok to keep your tithes; you know your kids need a new pair of shoes, you need a new set of golf clubs, and a new dress. There again he robs you of your blessing. If he can get you to not be committed, he has won the battle. I think it is time somebody stands up and says, I WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT BECAUSE I AM COMMITTED TO GOD, TO HIS WORD, AND TO HIS WORK. Are you committed to Him or yourself? His will or yours? The need of the work of God or your need? David said, “Is there not a cause?” There is and the cause is the work of the Lord. I am committed to it. I will do it. There are many times I have been tempted to go another way, just ease by and justify my thought; but God’s word stands true. I am committed to Him. I know we have some in this house that are as well. Praise God for you! Don't put down the others not there yet. Just be a good example before them. Show them your commitment!