Dust is not something people want to buy. They don’t make dust finders; dust finds you. It’s not worth anything yet God made us from the dust of the ground. Next time you get a high and mighty attitude, check your white shirt collar after you’ve wore it awhile. You will be reminded what you been made from.

The serpent was made to eat dust all his life after he helped man to fall, and he is still today feeding on dust people, dust-minded people, who feed on flesh or carnal things. The carnal mind is an enmity against God, the Bible says.

In John 13 the Bible states that JESUS was washing the feet of the disciples. He told them in verse 7 that they did not know what he was doing. They weren’t crazy. They knew He was washing feet, but JESUS was telling them there is more happening here than you realize. I am washing your past away. I’m setting you up for a new walk and a new ministry. I am fixing to go, but you will stay and continue what I have begun, but you can’t do it with an old mind and with your past hanging on you. YOU MUST BE WASHED.

Thank God I am washed, cleansed from what I used to be and I am stepping into my now because NOW GOD HAS SOMETHING NEW FOR ME. Now God is setting me up for a greater move, a greater message, a greater song, a greater anointing than I have ever seen before.

WASH the DUST off your life and get ready to step into a new thing, a new you, a new song, and a new deliverance; not just for you but for others. Be washed in JESUS NAME, GET THE DUST OFF YOUR THINKING, YOUR PREACHING, YOUR SINGING. GET THE DUST OFF and walk in a new mind, a new attitude IN JESUS NAME! God bless each one.