Mother’s Day is a great day that should be celebrated with great pride and joy.
     I HAVE A GREAT MOM! She’s wonderful! She has helped me alot in life. As a child she comforted me when I had a boo boo; she also whipped me alot. I am sure I needed a few of them, lol. As a teenager she tolerated me; I picked at her with picking names that were not nice sometimes. Didn’t think about it much then as I was just picking but now I see that wasn’t fun on her end, YET SHE LOVED ME ANYHOW.
She prayed for me as I went through a time with drugs and things acting wild as a buck. Mom's prayers kept me going. There were times I wanted to do things really bad. I would stop and think, “what if momma found out, I can’t hurt momma,” so I didn’t do them cause I loved her. As a young married man, she offered advice; sometimes I liked it and sometimes not but she was doing her best to help me and I knew that! As I am a tad older now but still VERY YOUNG, at heart anyhow lol; I know I can count on momma. I love her so much! She has always been faithful to God and a good example for me to follow.....MUCH LIKE GOD. A momma can look beyond faults and see their child in need of love! If your mom is alive today, hug her and tell her you love her. You only have 1 momma. Treat her special today and why not pick another day this week to be special to mom! Remember; you wouldn’t be here without her!