In the world we live in, we are in a time of changing seasons from fall to winter to spring and summer, which is setting in. In the spirit we are changing seasons as well: from warm to warmer to hot. Do we got any hot christians in here? I am talking about red hot for Jesus. I mean you eat, drink, and sleep thinking about Jesus. Guess what? We got land!!! 4 acres of land and we can start to think about building now. I say start cause we need alot of money. All of our patience and hard work is now showing signs of moving forward. Anybody feeling hot yet? People that don’t even go to our church are talking about giving us donations. Feel hot yet? Plans are in motion! Electricians, plumbers, and contractors have been warned to get ready. Christian Tabernacle is hot for Jesus! We’re hot for a move with desire for God. Hot for prayer life and hot for revival. If you ain’t hot by now, we might as well bury you. No let’s just raise the dead and make them hot too! Praise God!!!