Pressure is a force applied. It will squeeze or mash depending upon how it is applied. You apply pressure to vice grips to use them to free things or to tighten things. In the Bible, Gethsemane was a place JESUS went to pray when He was near His time of death. He told a few disciples to pray with Him and asked the Father, “if it be possible let this cup pass from me.” He felt the pressure. Gethsemane means a press, an olive press. They placed olives on a stone and then put another stone on top of the olives to squeeze out of them the goodness for others to partake of. Many times we have Gethsemanes in our lives. We always think the devil is out to get us when that is happening, but God many times is pressing us to make us pray to get the good out of us. How many times have we prayed when a Gethsemane has come our way, “God please take this pressure away.” But God knows what He is doing. When the top stone was applied, it squeezed out the oil that was needed for others, but yet stems skin and other things were in the mix. They had filters set up to get the unneeded, unwanted things out of the true oil. God is simply getting things out of us by pressure that we wouldn’t allow to come out any other way. JESUS even prayed, “father if it be possible let this cup pass from me BUT not my will, yours be done.” His flesh didn’t want to die. Our wills don’t want to die; therefore, the pressure must be applied so God can get the glory to get the bad out of us so others can see the good in us. It will be revealed when the pressure is applied! WHAT COMING OUT OF YOU? Blessings or cursings? Power or defeat? LET THE WEAK SAY I AM STRONG! LET’S PRAISE HIM! Allow praise to come out of you. God weed out of me the bad so I can produce what others need out of my life!