We are building a new building to have church in.. God has moved mightly in helping us do this project.. It has been hard and I have spent countless hours over there working as have others.  Power should be on soon, maybe next week, but how is your spiritual progress going?  What are you doing less of than you used to what what are you doing more of for God than you were last year?
Being a Jesus DISCIPLE ALWAYS MEANS SACRIFICING YOUR WAY AND WILL to do His always.  I don't care how many times you spoke in tongues, how many times you shouted, how mnay times you went to the alter, if your life hasn't changed you haven't changed so you have made no progress.
JESUS told the man that buried his gift and made no progress to do something with it.  He let him know he was mad; took that gift back and gave it to someone that was using their gift.
We gotta make progress.  It's more than new shoes, new cars, new houses, more money, better jobs.  IT IS a different walk within our life for God.  Do away with the negative stuff of, I can't and tell the devil, "I am going on."  Tell the devil, "you may hinder but you cannot stop me." I am annointed and appointed for such a time as this.  I don't want to take my old mindset into a new building.  I am seeking God more in the month of July.  I want all the church to fast and pray to ready ourself for a new move in our natural and spiritual life.  The devil is fighting us with all he has but it is OUR TURN NOW !