REVIVAL - It’s bringing back to life, restoring, life changing. We need revival everyday of our life. We start today with revival, but it never has to stop because a preacher leaves. GOD is the one that brings it. We are the ones that have to hold onto it. We can fall back into the same old rut or we can say this is where I want my spirit to stay. Are you revived? Do you think you need revived ? If so are you going to keep revived? I don’t want to be stirred and not changed. I pray God changes and stirs us so we can never be what we used to be. Noodles once put into water and cooked will never be what they used to be because they absorbed the water and the heat changed them forever. I PRAY GOD will change us with the Holy Ghost and fire. Let that living water pour into us so we can never be the same again!