The ship I am speaking of is the church. The church is not going to die, it’s not going to fall away, but it’s going to grow and thrive. It can’t die because God is in control. He is the author and finisher. Paul told everybody on board the ship, “we must abide in the ship.” I am telling people today, “we must abide in the ship.” The church is the only boat afloat.. It’s the only thing that holds us together to support one another, get prayer for each other, allows us to praise together, sing to each other the gospel songs of Zion. We must stay in the ship. Yes, storms may come and go, but we must stay in the ship. Yes, someone will talk about you, but stay in the ship. Yes, your feelings will get hurt, but stay because that is the only place you will grown in God, and that is where God brings us together as a body to learn to help us find our place in Him. Is the church as a whole perfect in every way? Nope, but it’s the only thing floating on top of the world of sin . Stay in the ship. You’re either in the ship sailing towards God, or you’re in the sea of sin headed towards hell! Which way are you going? Pastor Ricky Taylor