There is a devil and he is on your trail. He is wanting to discourage you anyway he can, give you a confused mind or make you worry over everything. When a beagle is on the trail of a rabbit, he smells the scent and goes after his prey. The rabbit has little self defense. All he can do is run and hide. His hair camouflages him. He is on top of most predators food chain. We are on top of the devils food chain. He searches for weakness, lack of faith, indecision, confusion, no joy, then he trails that person down and goes after them to take them down. With no faith, joy, or power, he will surely devour that person UNLESS that person decides, “I AINT GONNA BE SAD NO MORE. I AINT GONNA BE DOWN NO MORE. I AINT GONNA LET OTHERS DRAG ME DOWN ANYMORE. I AM GONNA USE THE FAITH GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN ME. I AM GONNA USE THE POWER TO GO GET MY JOY. DEVIL IT’S MY PEACE AND BY GOD’S POWER HE PLACED IT IN ME. DEVIL I PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE. YES I KNOW THERE IS A DEVIL, BUT MORE THAN THAT, I KNOW THERE IS A GOD. I KNOW HIS NAME IS JESUS AND HE HAS GIVEN ME POWER OVER YOU. YOU CAN TRAIL ME DOWN DEVIL, YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A DEFENSELESS RABBIT THAT ONLY RUNS, BUT WHAT YOU FIND IS A LION. WAIT DEVIL....WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? WAS IT THE ROAR?” We are not weak and defenseless as the rabbit. God has empowered us to rule and prevail over all our enemies! STAND YOUR GROUND AND FIGHT!