Time: we all have 24 hours a day,7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. That’s a fact, but what we do with what we have is the problem. So many times we waste time. I know I do. Some days are rest days for me to reboot, relax my mind, and try to just enjoy things without feeling pressured. We all need those days and I don’t consider those waste days. It’s far better to take one those here and there than it is to get all stressed and start biting everybody’s head off. But now for the days we are not doing that, we must work. Even the Bible speaks against lazy people. It says be not slothful. Most people work 8 hours a day. Some jobs are different with more hours crammed in and then more time off. So we need to work , but we also need sleep to rest for the next days work. It’s those hours in between that we must fix. Time spent watching tv, not that tv is so bad; but it’s the most brain dead thing you can do. Computers are good and bad like tv. It’s according to what your watching. There are preachers on tv and on internet and there are bad things. Most of us today have cd players, mp3 players, and all kinds of things we could listen to gospel music on. Is that what you listen too? It better be if you want to please God. A good saying is you cannot kill time without injuring eternity. We have to live one day at a time, but we are living for eternity in that one day. You always have time for what you put 1st so don't even waste your time saying, “I would have came to church just didn't have time”, or “I would have prayed and read my Bible just didn’t have time.” JUST BE HONEST and say, “it just wasn’t important enough to me today to do that .” I wonder what God would say about that? All time is God’s time! Is your time God’s time? You can do anything and still keep God on your mind if God is master of your mind! Lord help us all to give God our time!!