UNITY is the biggest tool on our side through the common goal of loving JESUS, being a born-again believer with people of like faith. We should really be behind one another. Together we can make a difference in others lives and in our own life. A single cord is easily broken but the Bible says a 3-fold cord in not quickly broken. Why is it stronger? Because it intertwines! Each one is wrapped around the other. You are no match for the devil by yourself but with others on your side, the devil is no match for you. We need one another! We need church. Why? Because church is where the believers meet and draw strength from one another. No one is strong that is not locked into church. Not one person. We have to have one another. Anyone who tries to go it alone won’t do it very well at all. They won’t live right; they won’t live holy. We ought to pray for one another. Love will hold us together. It is the glue within the body. Complaining to folks won’t make them stronger. Brag on someone; lift them up. When you lift someone up, it draws you closer to them and them to you. Church-you take the ”UR” out and you ain’t got much. Put JESUS in the middle of all that and you got a great move going. Show someone you love them today. It will unite you together. UNITY; PASS IT ALONG!